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I had my first Guest Host Training at HSN!!

Let me start from the beginning of my HSN adventure. 

I had a whole shuttle to myself as the driver took me from the Marriott to my day at the big headquarters. (Already feeling VIP) We passed through security gate one and then to gate two as instructed. After entering the place I like to call Pleasantville, my chin dropped as I looked up, right, and left. Buildings were everywhere and then I came upon the one that stood in front of me. High in the sky in bright blue it read, HSN. It stood out so perfectly against the lighter blue clouds and green palms that framed the signage naturally. I waved bye to my personal driver and walked towards the door to the Personal Assistants office. I was in store for a day of class work and later studio practice which I was quite nervous for. Well, I was early and let me tell you there is no place better to arrive early than this place. I was welcomed to warm cookies, fresh fruit and pastries, and an assorted array of sandwiches with your choice of turkey, ham, or salami. And these were just snacks as I found out later, Lol. As I waited with much anticipation I noticed one lady sit down across from me, and then two more flowed in. These were my classmates and fellow entreprenuers for the day. The ladies started asking about my luggage I was carrying with oohs and ahhs. " Oh, no actually these are tools." I said. "No, not makeup brushes, they are household tools! Hammer, screwdriver, etc." And then I opened the red mock croc case for the ladies to see. It was amazing to see and hear the excitment and response from these women. It was truly a moment I would never take back. After we all chattered about each others products and stories, two assistants picked us up for our class. I learned so much about HSN and what a great company with an amazing team that stands behind it. It was inspiring talking with other entreprenuers and getting to talk with others in the same position. It gave me a boost of confidence and enthusiasm I needed at that moment..........Because next was the in studio camera practice :/

We were taken to another building and walked past one set to another. When we got to our spot my butterflies started to flutter in the pit of my stomach. You can't quite understand how intimidating the cameras look until you see it in person. We did a walk through of everything and then the assistant asked who wanted to go first. Ugg. Here goes nothing I thought. And let me tell you how fun it was, after I got more comfortable and aware of what I was doing, I was having a party out there! By the end I said "I want to do that again!" Which is good news since I am and hopefully this place becomes my second home ;) Everybody did a great job and we were told we were one of the best crew they've had. So we took it upon ourselves to be The Dream Team. I made 8 new friends that day. 8 fantastic people I will be rooting for and supporting. We exchanged contacts at the end of the day and I connect via email with them on a daily bases since getting back. It was an experience I will never forget and my life sort of changed that day. I can't really explain why or even how but the day gave me that extra little umph. Now I can hardly wait to go back and am looking forward to all that lies ahead. No matter what happens it will remain positive, afterall it's Pleasantville.

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