From Stage to Television

Monday, Oct 26, 2015 | Post by Tiffany Heather | 0 comment(s)

I finished my last weekend of Romeo and Juliet Performances and now it's time to be a tv sensation! No business like show business!!

Another performance down. Another ballet learned and now left behind. It's in the past but the character will forever have a place in my heart. Two weekends later, after a lovely run of Romeo and Juliet, I am suddenly overwhelmed with this new week. Now San Diego Ballet is amidst Nutcracker rehearsals in which we will be touring four cities ( two plane rides and four bus hauls included ) till after Christmas. This is part of a ballerinas life and Nutcracker will never disappear so it's nothing new, nothing different for me. BUT I am now jumping back and forth between stage and television! I am so excited that I will be a Guest Host on HSN and Tiffany's Tools will be seen on many TV screens across the country. Thursday I head to St. Petursburg, Florida for my training and to get to know the wonderful team. I'm in anticipation to hear my airing date, but when I do I promise to let you all know so you can tune in ;) I never thought I would be doing all that I am and it still seems to amaze me the life I've been given. I am thrilled to have new experiences ahead. Goals to reach and accomplish are things of reality, they are no longer just dreams. What will I learn tomorrow? Where will things be in a year? It's terrifying and exhilarating but it probably wouldn't be worth anything if it wasn't. I have business to attend to and dancing to be did but thanks for listening to me. I'll be in touch :)


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