Romeo et Juliet

Monday, Oct 12, 2015 | Post by Tiffany Heather | 0 comment(s)

An update on how my season is going with The San diego Ballet Company.

So a few weeks ago I talked about my new season startup with San Diego Ballet. Yes, my schedule has been crazy (to put it mildly). For Example: we are working on three ballets at once Romeo et Juliet, Carnival of the Animals, and a sexy ballet entitled Mambomania. We rehearse them all, each day for about seven hours, so everyday starts to blend into one. But I go to bed feeling renewed after these long, hard days. Artistically, I feel complete portraying three very different roles in three comparing performances. In one day I am a 14 year old girl named Roselind, a bluebird, and a vivacious woman who fiercly moves with latin passion. Not to mention when I play my own double life as a 31 year old Tiffany, who is a ballerina / tool girl. After a good nights rest dreaming of tutus, tiaras, and tools I wake up and start all over again. I arrive at the studio and stand at my place at the barre for morning class. The classical music begins and so has the daily routine. I must admit that the melodies often take my thoughts to more than just plies and rond de jambes (don't worry, I don't expect you to know what those terms mean). I think about things such as what color tool case we should come out with next? Hmm.....what shape and design should be next on the list? Things like that are constantly in my head. I was raised a small child with this music and something about it to this day brings my imagination and creativity out. Sometimes I get a bit emotional in those moments of thought. My life is more than blessed and closer to unbelievable. I almost can't believe the things I have and the the things I've achieved, and I only promise more to reach towards. Barre warmup is probably the most important part of my day. It keeps me in focus with my days responsibilites and it takes me a place of rememberance that this life is a one time deal. I'm gonna do good and I'm gonna make everyday in ballet and in business count. Wish me the best as this is theater week and this weekends opening of Romeo et Juliet!

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