The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Monday, Oct 5, 2015 | Post by Tiffany Heather | 0 comment(s)

My interview with Weekend Handyman was exactly the reaction I love to hear.

I recently did an interview with Weekend Handyman, which I posted and shared on my In The News page. It was very interesting talking with John about Tiffany's Tools and hearing his thoughts from a man's perspective. He had one of the toolsets and picked up the hammer with great enthusiasm. He was impressed with the utility knife and the substancial quality of the tools. "Thank You, I know" I said "Women deserve fuctionality in their tools just as men have." And of course we do! But what John loved the most was what a perfect gift it is for a lady. Finally! Something a husband can give his wife that he will be excited about and she will absolutely adore. I mean, think about it.............It's unique, it's luxurious. It's practical and essential. Women are surprised to find tools inside this deceiving hatbox that looks more a purse than a tool set. So the majority of the interview was about Christmas( it's sneaking up quickly)and how men have no need to stress any further. Tiffany's Tools to the rescue men ;) They make perfect gifts from a mother to daughter or to a friend who has everything down to the latest Jimmy Choo shoes. Get that special someone something that will be cherished and remembered. And they will remember you for it because it is one of a kind and finally something different. If it's not Christmas your ready for, there is always a birthday, anniversary, or those moments when you need an "I'm sorry dear, it was my fault" forgive me gift. Just saying. So let's make a toast to future Handy women from all you handy men out there!

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