Tale of Tiffany's Tools

Monday, Sep 7, 2015 | Post by Tiffany Heather | 0 comment(s)

It's time I write and share all my stories and experiences of my amazing journey with Tiffany's Tools!

A lot of you may have a similar story but here's mine. I was moving into my first apartment. I opened the door to stark, white walls and wanted to put my "Tiffany touches" to the place immediately. I needed pictures up and curtains hung...........and I needed a few essential tools in order to do so. My daddy was no where close by and my boyfriend was working, so I put on my big girl shoes and headed to the hardware store. "Ooh, I just love a good excuse to shop!" I searched up and down the aisles amongst the tough, burly men and found the hammers first. Really? How are there 500 hammers and they are all the same giant, awkward size. And who does the color picking? Ugg. The toolboxes were so large I could have skipped rent and lived in one! Anyways, that's when I had that Aha moment. Women deserve tools that are ergonomical and comfortable to use.Tools made of high quality. Woman want tools that are tasteful and pretty to see. Even better, package them in a stylish carrying case chic enough to perch in any room in the home! At that moment I knew it had to be done, someone needed to and Tiffany's Tools was born. ( a few years later) What can I say, it just rolls of the tongue.

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